Overview of services

We offer a range of different services. Each service is designed to improve and add value to your contact information.

Address correction

Verify the deliverability of your mailings by standardising address formats to country-specific guidelines, and correcting the spelling of streets, and post towns.

Do Not Mail

Avoid mailing contacts who wishes not to receive unsolicited mail. We will flag contacts who have registered to have their details removed from mailing lists.

Change of address

Check against households and businesses that have moved address to ensure business-critical communications are delivered to the right contacts without delay.

Phone check

Data Improver checks your phone numbers and flags when there are numbers that do not conform with the format and rules of the country's phone number system.

Deceased check

Identify and remove those records where the individual has passed away. Reduce unnecessary expenditure and, more importantly, avoid causing further upset at a particularly distressing time.

Email check

Data Improver will run a check on your email addresses ensuring that the format is valid and that email domains are correct and complete.

Which services for which countries?

Several of our services are internationally available. And some services are further enhanced with country-specific value-adds. Head over to the countries overview for more details.